Success Stories

Meadowinds supported a woman as she pursued her Masters Degree in Public Health at the University of Sydney in Australia. Post-graduation she has leadership responsibilities in job creation and assists projects for the rural poor.  She has instituted a program to evaluate health status in children by measuring weight, height and other anthropometrics.


Meadowinds has had the privilege of giving educational aid to a single mother in America as she attended community college.  Her studies have made her eligible for a higher paying job to support her family and she is currently a teacher's assistant in elementary education.
The rural schools in Cambodia employ new teachers.  By providing continuing education each summer, each of our teachers strives to improve their skills in helping the youth they work with.  In addition to academic excellence, the teachers work with students to transfer new techniques in aquaculture, farming and vegetable gardening to their families. 
Tesseract school in Arizona has become a sister school of one of the rural schools in Baray, Cambodia. The students at the US school held a vitamin drive which provided enough  vitamins for each child every school day for 1 year.  Currently US students are designing and making posters to teach hygiene and other health related topics for use in the Cambodian rural schools.  
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