Meadowinds Scholarship Fund
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Meadowinds Scholarships are awarded annually to pay tuition and stipends for women who are:


1. Citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada for undergraduate and graduate study in a degree from schools in the Unites States, Canada, and abroad. 


2. Citizens of the Unites States who wish to attend Graduate School and who do not have access to the funds necessary to do so.


3. Graduate students who wish to attend academic conferences in order to deliver the results of research papers


The maximum amount for a full 12 months of study is U.S. $8,000.  Applicants must fulfill the following requirements.



A student must be qualified for admission to full-time study, working toward a degree in the college or university she will attend. A copy of the student’s notice of admission must be received to the Meadowinds office in order to complete the application. This notice must specify the degree program.



Scholarships are not given for research, internships, or for practical training if not combined with coursework.

Scholarships are not awarded for travel, with the exception of travel to professional meeting to present academic papers.

In order to qualify for her first scholarship, an applicant must have at least a full year of coursework remaining prior to a Baccalaureate degree.



April 15 – deadline for qualified applicants to submit application materials for the following academic year


Return to Country

An applicant outside of the U.S. must submit a witnessed “Applicant’s Agreement to Return to Own Country” certifying that upon completion of her degree program she will return to her own country within 60 days, depending on her visa status, to pursue her professional career. This statement must be signed by both the applicant and witness. A recipient of a Meadowinds Scholarship will be required to agree to repay any scholarship moneys received if she fails to return to her own country within 60 days, depending on her visa status, upon completion of her degree program.


Completed eligibility information and a statement of purpose for foreign study should be sent to:

Meadowinds International Scholarship Fund

2493 Blaine Road

Moscow, ID 83843

Phone 208-882-7907

Fax 208-892-2919

Meadowinds, Inc. 2493 Blaine Road, Moscow ID 83843
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